How to reboot your Android into safe mode and why it may be necessary

Immediately after the  being purchased  Android  usually is satisfactory in terms of stability and performance. However, during the subsequent operation of many users start to complain about a significant decline in the speed of the system, a large consumption of system resources, and even the appearance of various types of errors. The reason for this may be incorrect operation of the installed third-party software or any incorrect user settings. To solve these problems you can reboot your smartphone in special safe mode.

If you notice that your smartphone or tablet  behaves somehow inadequate and you suspect that the culprit is one of the programs which you’ve installed, you can check to reboot the system in safe mode. In this case, Android is loaded with default settings, will work only those programs that were originally installed by the manufacturer.

On different devices can be used different ways to boot into safe mode, but the most common is the following.

1. Press and hold the power button until the the menu appears.

2. In this menu, select “Power off” and hold your finger on it for two seconds. And appears pop-up menu, offering to go into safe mode.

3. Press “OK.” After that your device will reboot. After rebooting you’ll can see in the lower left corner of the desktop next words: “Safe mod”.

This algorithm is the most common, but it is not  the only possible one. Below you will find options for restarting in safe mode for specific devices.

Droid RAZR

Turn off the device. Then turn on and simultaneously press and hold the button  “Volume + and Volume -”.


Turn off the phone. Then press and hold the Menu, at the same time turn on the device.

Samsung Galaxy S3 and some other models

Turn off the phone. Then, turn on and wait for the moment when there will be a logo of Samsung. Press the Menu button and hold until the end of the download.

Smartphones running CyanogenMod

Press the power button. Appear the menu. In this menu, tap and hold your finger on “Restart.” Confirm your selection in the pop-up dialog box.

How to reboot your Android into safe mode and why it may be necessary
Ways to reboot into safe mode may be different. If you did not load the default method, you should find the relevant information on the manufacturer’s website.

After booting into Safe Mode, you can see how quickly running Android in its original form. You can see how utility, launchers, icons, background programs and other unnecessary elements, which you’ve  installed are hindering it work. Make the changes as you need, remove excess programs or restore the default settings, and you can return your smartphone to normal work. To do this, simply reboot your device.

This method is simple and fast method of treating problems of the operating system Android, which sometimes helps to avoid the more radical intervention – full reset to manufacturer’s settings.

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