How to save battery charging in Lumia smartphones

How to save battery charging in Lumia smartphones

Our smartphone is doing a lot of operations, there are hundreds of processes working in background and user simply does not know about this. Moreover happy owner of a gorgeous color screen must know that bright screen  spends a lot of energy. Of course,  if you can to properly optimize and configure some applications, you can significantly extend the battery life on a single charge.
Let’s see how you can optimize the work of your Lumia smartphone.

All the big problems with the battery consumption of Lumia smartphone is reduced to four main reasons:

  • Searching for available  3G / LTE networks;
  • programms, which works permanently in background;
  • Vibration for calls and operations in the menu;
  • The screen brightness.

The order of the list is not accident. So can be distributed voracity smartphone in standby mode and  without it. And we think, don’t need to explain, why  the charge of battery has been quickly “burned” during the games.

Search for available 3G / LTE  networks

You’ve probably noticed how often your smartphone is looking for signal of your mobile provider? In these moments, when your smartphone try to connect to the base station, the power  consumption is increasing. In addition, even if the smartphone is in sleeping  mode, some applications request data from the Internet, this is also  requires connection to the 3G / LTE network.
There is energy-consuming way –  to use GPRS / EDGE standard for using internet connection. Select  this connection type  in the system settings of your smartphone. Internet connection speed will be lower, but it will save battery power. If you have nearby access point Wi-Fi, it is better to use. Using Wi-Fi connections smart phone spends less battery power, especially within the home or office – anywhere Internet application services can apply directly to him rather than to the cellular network.

How to save battery charging in Lumia smartphones

Programms, working  in background

We often simply installs many programms and a games from the Windows Phone Store. As a result, it is not surprising that the battery is barely enough for half a day – applications likes to spend a lot of battery power.
But in system preferences, under “Energy savings”, you can disable  all applications, working in the background, and  keep track of their voracity. We strongly recommend that you leave work only the most necessary ones. Also need to disconnect the GPS because its continuous operation is needed only for navigation software.

Vibration for calls and operations in the menu

This vibration creates a lot of extra load on the battery of the device with regular use. The small motors  will start after touching the screen, and they also consume battery power.  The option in the
settings section “Sensor” – “vibration when using the arrow keys” will  help us.  Don’t forget to visit the same configuration options “notification + action”, just there you can disable the vibration of many  individual applications.

How to save battery charging in Lumia smartphones
Screen brightness
A controversial topic for discussion, not for nothing, we decided to take it to the end of the list. There are several reasons for this: firstly, when the Lumia is in sleep mode, the screen is almost does  not spend the battery, and secondly, when the smartphone is active, it can automatically adjust the brightness, reducing power consumption. Nevertheless, you can turn off the automatic mode and optionally put the lowest brightness level.

So  looks overall concept of saving battery consumption. Here are a few simple tips to help minimize the power consumption of the smartphone:

  • Bluetooth, when it not in use at a particular moment, must be disabled
  • Try not to use the vibration in the menu
  • If necessary, turn on  option “save battery”
  • Sometimes you can use mode “In Flight”
  • Limit the sound alerts for applications
  • Limit the notifications, including on the screen of smartphone

You can extend the battery consumption, if you’ll define for yourself, which features you really need and  which can be turned off.

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