How to find a lost Android via Remote Control Android

How to find a lost Android via Remote Control Android
Today all popular mobile operating systems have а built-in tools for remote management of devices. This may be necessary in the event of loss or theft of a smartphone. This tool will help to detect location of your loosed or thefted device, to send a message to people who has found it, lock or wipe your personal data. In this article, we’ll show you how to find the missing smartphone or tablet running Android.

How to find a phone on Android via Android Device Manager

Standard tool from Google consists of two interrelated parts. A small tool called “Remote Control Android» must be installed on your gadget, and we have ability to manage by our device through the web interface. Some manufacturers installs this utility on your device by default, but if you do not have this utility, you can download it on Google Play.

Configuring Android Device Manager

Google is very sensitive to privacy, so you must activate their own utility “Remote Control Android» and give it the necessary permissions. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Open the settings of your  device. Go to the “Security”.
  2. Select “Device administrators.”
  3. Select the check item “Remote Control Android». And  press “Activate”.
  4. Go back and close the settings.

How to detect where is your Android now

If your gadget is stolen or simply lost somewhere, then using the service Android Device Manager you have the probability to find its current location. Of course, the possibility of this service is limited, especially if the attackers quickly turned off the device or have reset the devices settings. However, you still have a chance, especially if you start search without delay or it’s new owners are  untrained users.

To search for your smartphone or tablet, go to the page “Remote Control Android” ( Select your device from the dropdown list if you have several of them, and click the button with the icon of the target “to locate a device.” After a short wait, you will see a marker on the map, as well as information about the last connection to the network in a floating toolbar on the left.

How to find a lost Android via Remote Control Android

Note that the detection accuracy is highly dependent from GPS system on your device. It must be activated. But in any case, you can at least roughly define the area to search for a smartphone.

In a situation when the phone is somewhere near you, but you just can not find him, come in handy function proring. Click on “Ring device” and smartphone begin to call on the maximum volume for five minutes. Thus easy to detect rolled off under the bed or closet gadget within the boundaries of their home.

How to find a lost Android via Remote Control Android

Is not always the person who found your phone, want to assign or sell it. There are still honest people who are happy to return your favorite gadget. And to help them do it faster, you can send a special message which to be displayed on the locked  screen of your smartphone.  To do this, use the “Block” in the web interface of “Remote Control Android“.

How to find a lost Android via Remote Control Android

In the pop-up window, you should set a password lock, a message and a phone number that will be displayed when you turn on your device. Thus, you will help the new owner to call you, and avoid the temptation to dig deeper in your personal records and photographs.

How to find a lost Android via Remote Control Android

The very sad circumstances, when there is no hope of a return device. But you must to at least minimize the potential damage from leakage of personal data. In this case you should use the “Clear” button on the page “Remote Control Android“. After clicking it and confirming your selection happens a hard reset the device to factory settings and data destruction. Note that this does not affect the contents of the SD-card, so you should not use it to store personal photos, documents, or other confidential information.

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