How to get Superuser (Root) for Motorola Nexus 6 on Windows and Mac OS

How to get Superuser (Root) for Motorola Nexus 6 on Windows and Mac OS

Nexus 6 – this is the most recent smartphone from Google, which was developed in cooperation with Motorola. This smartphone has recently appeared, but already  yourselfers has find the  time to study all of its hardware configurations and software components. Their main goal was, of course, obtain superuser privileges on this machine. We will  describe  the procedure to obtain root privileges for Nexus 6 under the operation systems  Windows and Mac OS.

Warning! All further actions you are making at your own risk. Do not forget to make copies of important data!

Getting Root using Windows

The easiest way to obtain root permissions for Nexus 6 is to use a utility Nexus Root Toolkit. This method works with a wide range of gadgets series Nexus, including the Nexus 5, 6 and 9. Using the Nexus Root Toolkit you can:

  • to get Root privilegies on your device;
  • to install non-native recovery;
  • unlock the locked device;
  • to backup and restore your data;
  • restore the factory default settings;
  • remove if need root access and restore native recovery;
  • to install firmware mod or update from zip-archive.

This impressive functionality makes Nexus Root Toolkit indispensable tool for all users who want to have full control over  his  device. Note that the utility uses low-level access, unlocking  the bootloader. As a result, you get  installed superuser and can be ready to use next utilities SuperSU and BusyBox.

How to get Superuser (Root) for Motorola Nexus 6 on Windows and Mac OS

This are instructions  how to obtain root permissions on the Nexus 6.

Turn on the option for developers. To do this in the settings will click  seven times in the line “Build Number”.
Navigate to the “Developers”.
Enable the option “debugging USB» and «Enable OEM Unlock».
Install Nexus Root Toolkit on your PC.
After you have started Nexus Root Toolkit, you can see a pop-up window where you can select your device and specify the version of the operating system.
Make sure that the driver for the Nexus 6 is installed on your computer. If its are not installed, install them by pressing the «Full Driver installation Guide – Automatic Manual».
Make a backup of important data using the «Backup».
Unlock the bootloader by pressing the «Unlock» (if necessary).
Install the access to root privileges using button «Root».


Also note the button «Launch» in the lower left corner of the program. With it, you run the window with additional functions where the user can perform many useful operations with its Nexus 6.

How to get Superuser (Root) for Motorola Nexus 6 on Windows and Mac OS

Getting Root Using Mac

For those owners of Nexus 6 who use computers from the company Apple, there is also a way to getting root privilegies. Download a utility called Nexus 6 One-Click Mac Toolkit on this page. With this utility  you can unlock the bootloader, get Root and install TWRP. This tool is not works, as described above, but works almost automatically. To use it, you will need to perform a few simple steps.

  • Download the archive with the program.
  • Unzip and click on the icon with the green android. If you do not see it, just click on the file with name which ends on .tool.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Getting root permissions is not such a complicated procedure, but gives you a lot of extra features. Do you think it necessary to obtain root-right on your mobile device?

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