How to enable the experimental mode for readers in Chrome for Android

How to enable the experimental  mode for readers  in Chrome for Android
Each web page, which we have viewed in the browser, contains a lot of ads, blocks of  social networks and other supporting elements. These optional supplements sometimes only hinder the perception of the main contents and, moreover, are not always adequately displayed on small screens of mobile devices. That is why in Safari for iOS and IE for Windows Phone there is a special “reading mode”, which is designed to display the lite form of web page. Now you can use this feature in  browser  Chrome on the operating system Android.

This function was seen in the beta version of program just over a month ago, and now it has appeared in a stable release of browser. But this ability still hidden in the experimental setup of Safary, and you will know the way to try it from this article.

First of all, make sure that you have installed the latest version of your browser. At the time of writing this article the newest version of Chrome for Android was 39.0.2171.93. After that, follow next steps.

  1. Type the next phrase “chrome: // flags” in the address bar of your browser. Press the Enter button.  And a special page with the experimental program settings will open before your eyes.
  2. Find and  select on this page  item “Displaying icon  “Reading mode” on the toolbar. You can do this simply scrolling down the page or using the search by page.
  3. Activate the setting and restart the browser using the button “Restart” that appearing  at the bottom of windows.

Now you only need to download any of your web pages to test the new regime in action. Near with the address bar you will see a new icon read mode, and the page will be only include text articles and illustrations. Note that this button will only appear on pages where you can use read-only mode. But on the home page, where  all publications are displaying its announcements, you will not see it button. If you’ll want to read a separate article, read mode button will appear in place near to the address bar.

How to enable the experimental  mode for readers  in Chrome for Android  How to enable the experimental  mode for readers  in Chrome for Android

Thus, due to this feature, users can to focus their attention on the perception of pure text article without all the excess elements. In addition, the reading mode will help you in the event that the mobile browser is not able to correctly display the page. In conclusion, I’m again reminding you that this feature is still in the experimental status, so  work of this feature can not be guaranteed at all, without exception, gadgets and firmware.

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